The Baroque Orchestra's New Video Feature Attests to the Power of Drupal for Small Organizations


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The Baroque Orchestra of New Jersey's Video Page

The Baroque Orchestra' of New Jersey's New Video Feature, just launched on September 2, 2016, is a great example of how a smaller local organization used the power of Drupal to go from a simple home-cooked static site to a world-class dynamic site in just over five years.

Starting out in Drupal 6 back in 2011, the BONJ, located in Morris County, NJ, upgraded to Drupal 7 in 2014. The site started out back in 2011 with just the basics: Concert listings, a news and announcements page, an About page. But the ability to log in and update the site gave them a huge boost in time savings over their previous static site, when it came to content management.

With the upgrade to Drupal 7, they were able to add other desired features, such as a slideshow which highlighted upcoming concerts, and information about both the composers and the compositions to be performed at their upcoming concerts. Over the summer, they did a further upgrade to mobile friendliness using the Google-favored responsive web design technology.

And now, in August, they approached me seeking to revamp their video page, and give it a more attracitve navigation flow and greater visibility. The result is the video page you see today. It went up quickly and economically, and without interrupting the operations of the live site, thanks to Drupal's ability to handle an Agile form of web development. Under Agile philosophy, you can launch website features often and early, adding new features as you go. The website is never finished; it can evolve.

The take away for small organizations?

You may have heard that Drupal is "too complex" for a small organization. Quite the contrary. Drupal is a powerful CMS. In the hands of the right web developer, you can bend it to meet whatever needs you have. You can start out small and add more features later. In fact, this is often the better way of going about it. Put your website up as a simple site in the beginning. Learn what your site visitors are looking for. Add features as you need them, in increments. That way, you'll have a website that evolves with your needs.

With the arrival of Drupal 8 in November, 2015, things just got better.

Looking for a new website? Or maybe a website that works better than your current website? Write me and we'll talk.

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