Website Design and Development

I offer website design and development services in Drupal and Wordpress, the two most popular content management systems available on the market today. You can visit some of the sites I've built by clicking on the links below. You can also visit my testimonials page to see what my clients have said about my services.

Information Architecture, User Experience, Search Engine Optimization, and More

As a former business, sales & marketing professional, my reach goes beyond design and development. As an integral part of my service, I offer advice on how to brand, how to create the best user experience to achieve whatever goal it is your organization is trying to achieve. I bring the best traditions of tried and true marketing & sales technique to the digital media available to you today, including integration of social media, direct email marketing, and the like.


I am a published author, having written articles for magazines and newspapers. I also have a new book out on Amazon.

Sites I've Built:

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How to Become an Educated Consumer of Website Design and Development Services

UPDATE: The book is now available as a paper back edition. Click here to buy it on CreateSpace.

My new book, "How to Become an Educated Consumer of Website Design and Development Services," is now out and available on Kindle.

It represents the collective experience of over seven years of building websites for primarily small not-for-profits.

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